Made in Ratio

Made in Ratio harnesses nature's perfection of ratio and proportion to create visionary contemporary furniture. Each piece is forged from the desire to take an exceptional idea from inception to production by embracing advanced technologies and enhancing traditional techniques.
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Brodie Neill, a skilled designer and graduate of the University of Tasmania and Rhode Island School of Design, has gained international recognition for his visually stunning and artistic creations. His designs are deeply rooted in material research, technical expertise, and craftsmanship. Collaborating with talented artisans and utilizing traditional materials, Brodie's collection showcases innovation and design excellence.

In 2013, Brodie launched his collection, Made in Ratio, at the Milan Design Week. The collection featured the iconic Cowrie chair, which received widespread acclaim. In 2015, he introduced the Alpha stacking chair, praised for its sculptural silhouette and commitment to natural design and craftsmanship. Both designs were featured in Taschen's prestigious publication, "1000 Chairs."

Brodie's upbringing in Tasmania, known for its rugged landscapes and indigenous timber craftsmanship, influenced his strong belief in structural sustainability and his respect for natural materials and traditional skills. His dedication to refining natural materials into expressive forms was honed during his Master's program at the Rhode Island School of Design, earning him recognition in Time Magazine's Design 100.
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