Memphis is a revolutionary Italian design group that debuted in 1981 with postmodern designs that subsequently revolutionized creative thinking of that era and beyond. Designing outside of industry limitations, the Memphis group used new shapes, patterns, and materials to spearhead the “New Design” movement and shock the world with its out-of-the-box point of view. Known for its avant garde and groundbreaking forms, Memphis used bold colors, unique configurations, and modernistic construction to redefine the idea of new.
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In December 1980, Ettore Stottsass, an Austrian-born Milanese designer, gathered a group of creative friends. By the end of the meeting, Memphis and the Sottsass Associati collective was created. Drawing influence from key artistic movements, including Art Deco, Pop Art, and 1950’s Kitsch, the designs included geometric figures, strong color palettes, and a lot of plastic. Karl Lagerfeld, creative head of Chanel, adopted the style and famously refurbished his whole apartment in the Memphis style, celebrating and, in many ways, popularizing the movement in the public consciousness.

Memphis works range from spectacularly colored glass pieces, such as Altair, a 1982 flower vase in blown glass by Ettore Sottsass, to gorgeously woven carpets, like MCH4, a handmade woolen creation by Nepalese craftsmen and designed by Maria Cristina Hamel. Encompassing furniture, lighting, home decor, carpets, glass, and gifts, Memphis artists continue to show worldwide. Memphis collaborator Richard Wood’s collection is currently in production, as well as Martine Bedin’s unique works that are currently in show at the Memphis Gallery in Milan. From an avant garde lamp design with wheels to a colored layered wood grain table, Memphis pieces still tease, amuse and ignite imaginations.

Memphis has appeared in Interni, Residence, Elle Decor, The World of Interiors, Living, Icon Design, Amica, Homeworks, Artribune, Esquire, Wallpaper*, Neuvo Estilo, Elle Decor Italia, Gael Magazine, Architectural Digest Espana, Elle Decor Espana, Frieze, Elle Korea, Alexa Magazine New York Post, Architectural Digest India, Bilan Luxe, Elle Decoration Croatia, Dobre Wnetrze, among others.

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