Established in 1931 at the height of the Art Deco period, The House of Veronese is a Paris based design house that blends together instinctively French design with Murano glass craftsmanship. The Veronese collections include nine decades of Murano glass lighting designs, mirrors and decorative objects that are timeless and distinct. Each design tells its own unique story, which can be traced back to ancient times when glassmakers first began their craft. By bringing together the world of French design heritage and Murano glass artistry, Veronese has succeeded to bring a new perspective to this age-old craft, forever demonstrating its vitality and marvel.
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Taking its title from Paolo Veronese, the 16th century Italian Renaissance painter whose depiction of a glass vase in his painting “The Annunciation” influenced the craft of early glass blowing, Veronese imbues traditional Murano artisanship with a uniquely French sensibility. Barbier’s vision has led to innovative collaborations with the likes of renowned architect Andre Arbus, a multi-hyphenate whose modern designs spanned sculpture, furniture, objects and buildings. The collaboration yielded many iconic projects, including the 1938 Cascade chandelier, obelisks created for the 1952 Bretagne luxury cruise and the famous ”Jets d’eau” chandelier.

Following those early collaborations, Veronese has gained a reputation for working with the world’s foremost designers, artisans and architects. In the 70s, considered a benchmark era for French design, Veronese forged partnerships with globally famous architects and trendsetters and began expanding internationally. Among the names to work with the company are Chantal Thomas, Olivier Ganere, Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman. Each designer was chosen for their ability to bring innovation and exceptional craftsmanship to the iconic French brand.

Today, the company continues to push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship. New collaborations include those with The Future Perfect favorite Piet Hein Eek and Frenchman Patrick Jouin. Embraced by both the design community and the press, the brand has been featured in Architectural Digest, The New York Times and Corriere Della Sera Living.
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