Yucca Stuff

Yucca Stuff is an Austin-based design studio dedicated to the production of fine furniture and domestic objects. Founded in 2015 by Daniel Morrison, the innovative studio creates pieces that are designed to complement, never overpower, the little rituals and quiet spaces within the home.
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Morrison initially trained as an architect, earning his degree at the University of Texas, Austin. After graduating, he gained experience working on large-scale public art projects as well as high-end residential interiors. In Los Angeles, Morrison worked on the critically received Ball Nogues Studio Cradle, 2010, a public art piece in Santa Monica, California. Later, In New York, he worked with an architectural metal studio and contributed to mostly high-end residential projects.

From a young age, Morrison has relished making things. “I built things as a hobby growing up, but my early apprenticeships helped me learn how to join materials with some measure of grace,” Morrison says. “I mostly take shapes and forms that I find in the city and try to incorporate them into my work. Architecture is a constant source of inspiration, especially in the ways that it can be playfully self-referential.”

Yucca Stuff’s furniture and home items reflect this diverse influence and often contain a nod to whimsy. Materially, many of the pieces draw on stones and domestic hardwoods. In order to keep with Morrison’s refined, but slightly rustic aesthetic, he attempts to keep his pieces “feeling fresh – not too loud, not too demure.”
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