By Matthew Day Jackson



Matthew Day Jackson is the artist behind WONKY, a project that originated in 2012 when a cardboard prototype of a dining chair was transformed with carbon fiber and epoxy. This artistic journey led to the creation of various furniture pieces, including a lounge chair, a large table, and the "Bardenza," designed for The Future Perfect at Design Miami. WONKY's unique production process, devoid of precise measurements and relying on basic tools, combines ingenuity and play to yield imperfect yet authentically expressive objects, embracing vulnerability as its ultimate achievement.
Wonky is made strictly without measuring using only basic tools. The production is part performative and bad comedy creating an environment that relies on ingenuity and play to create a useful object. Play is in responding to material and process without knowing the end product. There is an ethereal gap left by this chaos amplified by a lack of precise measurement which forces us resort to our past experience which produces a perfect object measured only by subjective opinion. There are bubbles in the fiberglass, neither surface nor paint is perfect and symmetry is not achieved! The triumph of WONKY is in how its forms express the hand and humor of the author where vulnerability is the magnum goal.

4-6 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications


WONKY Collection

Lead Time

4-6 Weeks


United States


One of a Kind




Cardboard Covered It In Carbon Fiber And Epoxy.


L 48" x W 19" x H 80"

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WONKY Collection