Matthew Day Jackson

Matthew Day Jackson is an American artist whose multifaceted practice encompasses sculpture, painting, collage, photography, drawing, video, performance and installation. He is represented Pace Gallery. 
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The first iterations of Jackson's floral paintings were shown at Hauser & Wirth London in Still Life and the Reclining Nude (2018), an exhibition contemplating artistic traditions and the history of colonization. The series of still life ‘paintings’ are direct representations of Jan Brueghel the Elder’s and Younger’s genre defining series of flower paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, made during a time of Dutch colonial expansion and exploitation. The significance of these works for the artist is their simultaneously beguiling and prosaic qualities; they are both an exuberant expression of nature’s bounty and a visual manifestation of power and wealth. While the era was one of burgeoning scientific knowledge, Jackson signals the pitfalls of the ceaseless misuse and abuse of the natural world. This concern ties into the American environmental movement and issues of sustainability that have been explored in Jackson’s previous works. The works are made out of meticulously cut and assembled elements that include Formica, oil paint, and poured lead.
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Private: Matthew Day Jackson Exhibition

Private: Matthew Day Jackson

Matthew Day Jackson
Made By Choice
New York, Jul 2019 - Sep 2019
Casa Perfect Los Angeles 3.0 Exhibition

Casa Perfect Los Angeles 3.0

Los Angeles, Feb 2020 - May 2020
Design Miami 2019 Exhibition

Design Miami 2019

Chen Chen & Kai Williams, John Hogan, Matthew Day Jackson, Eric Roinestad, Reinaldo Sanguino, Chris Wolston, Floris Wubben & Seungjin Yang
Dec 2019