By Eric Roinestad

Price Upon Request

Arroyo Seco is a love story. A love of loved ones, a love of one’s surroundings and a love of one’s home. Eric’s romantic relationship with Southern California, from its rich history of modernism to the quietly opulent native garden surrounding his home, has provided a generative intensity borne of being restricted to the place he loves the most. As a designer, Roinestad has always been a rigorous self-editor and perfectionist. Over the past year, these traits have taken on a new meaning. As we have collectively redefined the word “essential,” the concept of spartan design has had to look with fresh eyes at values that it once took for granted. As the world now spins on an axis of necessity, “essential” forms have amassed a new weight of meaning. The fundamental act of this work is an investigation into the complex nuances of one’s own life-long passions. Like exploring and re-discovering the crevices of a long lived-in house during a storm. Arroyo Seco is an odyssey of interiority that lands on love.


By Eric Roinestad

Price Upon Request


4-6 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

4-6 Weeks


United States


One of a Kind




Ceramic stoneware.


Dia. 15" x H 14"

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