Studded Quartz Caviar Sconce

By Chen Chen & Kai Williams


Studded Quartz Caviar Sconce

By Chen Chen & Kai Williams


Caviar Sconce focuses an illuminated lens on a textured surface to create the experience of viewing an alternate world through a portal. The black caviar like material is an industrial sanding material, steel shot, which is mixed with an epoxy to bind the granules together. An open faced mold is used so that the back of the sconce can be molded into a specific shape to contain all the electronic parts while the top is randomly formed by the "caviar" falling as it may. This shows a duality in the nature of the material in it's ability to be formed and to make form on it's own. The sconce’s quixotic appeal is achieved through the effect of the the illuminated glass lens, which covers the metal components. The prismatic effect, unique to each light, creates an otherwordly effect; a true combination of technical innovation and pure imagination. The lens functions as both a diffuser for the light as well as an entry into a mysterious universe.

4-6 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

4-6 Weeks


United States


One of a Kind


Steel Granules, Epoxy Resin, Glass and Anodized Aluminum.


W 12" x D 4.5" x H 16"


120V/220V: COB LED, 12~18 VDC, 150 lumens, 5800 kelvin.


Available with j-box mounting kit or a mounting cleat with plug.

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