Fern Rug

Atelier Février

Starting at: $2,595.00 Per Square Meter.

Taking its inspiration in part from its namesake vascular plan, Atelier Février’s Fern rug casts a quixotic spell on any environment. As with many of Florian Pretet’s singular creations, the rug draws on trompe l'oeil technique, creating an illusory canvas that appears three-dimensional. The rug’s playful depth perception is further stretched by the use of 50% Tibetan wool and 50% fine Chinese silk. Made by Tibetan artisans, who’ve perfected a meticulous hand-knotted production process, the rug achieves the perfect synthesis of aesthetic modernism and humanistic craftsmanship.

Fern Rug

Atelier Février

Starting at: $2,595.00 Per Square Meter.

14-16 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

14-16 Weeks




Made to Order


50% Himalayan wool, 50% silk. Hand-knotted. 120 knots, 190,000 knots/m2.


Customized to order per project dimensions.


Anti-stain treatments are always a great way in ensuring your rug is well protected before introducing it to your space. Your local rug specialist should be able to provide suitable options designed just for you. In case of any spill or stain you need to take your rug for a professional cleaner. Do not try to clean the rug yourself.


Atelier Février creates bespoke rugs, each made to order. Dimensions, shape, and color are completely customizable. Please inquire directly for more information.

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