Rachael River

By Monty J

Rachael River

By Monty J


New York based artist Monty creates dreamlike sculptural vessels that invariably become the focal points of environments they’re placed in. From an amorphous alien-like vessel sprouting shocking pink tendrils to an elliptical saw-tooth creation, each of Monty’s highly personal works is a one-of-a-kind.
Central to Monty’s creative process is facilitating a sense of dialogue between the vessel, it’s inhabitant (often a living plant) and the beholder. Indeed, Monty’s pieces - when used for plants - offer a sense of juxtaposition and creative wonder. The result is a highly collectible object that feels entirely unique and utterly memorable. “I like art that can be of use as opposed to just appreciated statically on the wall," the artist says. "It’s there with you and you have to tend to it, so it’s much more personal to me."

Technical Specifications


Monty J


United States


One of a Kind




Succulent plant, Ceramic and Leather.


L 8.5" x W 3" x H 3.5"


Water 3 times a month, good indirect light.