Roll & Hill

Roll & Hill is a lighting manufacturer known for creating remarkable products with some of the most ingenious young designers working today. Founded in 2010 by Jason Miller, the company was created with the intention of harnessing the talents of independent designers to produce a collection of strikingly unique lighting fixtures. With a boutique, small-batch philosophy, Roll and Hill’s headquarters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, meticulously assembles each piece by hand and many orders are customized upon request by the client.
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Roll & Hill founder Jason Miller received an MFA in painting, but quickly realized that he preferred creating things over documenting them. Subsequent experience in the worlds of design and production led to the creation of Roll & Hill. Miller was prescient and highly attuned to the nascent, rapidly growing market for luxurious, innovative decorative lighting. Roll and Hill lighting is now a highly sought after commodity.

From the outset, Roll and Hill has identified and collaborated with some of contemporary design’s most exciting names. Among the designers associated with Roll & Hill are Lindsey Adelman, Phillip Malouin, Bec Brittain, Ladies and Gentleman, and Karl Zhan. Pieces from Roll & Hill employ a luxurious material palette including brass, bronze, leather, wood, hand-knotted rope, and mouth-blown glass. Irrespective of the designer, each Roll and Hill piece is distinguished by its sense of history, nod to innovation and use of first-class materials.

In 2015, many of Roll & Hill’s designs were presented at New York’s Annual Design Festival. Among the featured pieces was Karl Zahn’s Bounce, a unique lighting fixture made of a folded circular shade that reflects light from a small adjustable light positioned beneath it. Roll and Hill designers and their exceptional products have also been featured in a variety of respected publications such as The New York Times, Wallpaper*, Dezeen T Magazine, WSJ Magazine, AD France, Port Magazine, IDEAT, and Azure Magazine. According to Metropolis Magazine: “Roll & Hill is a primer on the current direction of New York independent lighting. Its roster is a veritable who’s who of emerging talent and Brooklyn’s big guns.”

Roll & Hill’s impressive portfolio includes many modern classics. A central piece is The Modo Chandelier by Jason Miller, featuring delicately blown glass globes geometrically arranged into various configurations. Another is Philippe Malouin’s The Gridlock, a series of rational, Brutalist-inspired lights comprised of thousand of tiny brass pasts assembled by hand. Seed, created by Bec Brittain, achieves design tension by combining a seemingly chaotic metal framework with interrupted bursts of “seed” lights. Ladies and Gentleman Studio’s Shape Up contains playful combinations of geometric shapes to create spatial harmony and customizable composition.

Roll and Hill has built a distinctive reputation for creating striking products that elegantly reinvent traditional structures. Partnering with the world’s most sought after designers whilst offering on-demand production, Roll & Hill brings together the talents of an innovative design studio with the strengths of a dynamic and agile American manufacturer.
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2022  “Launch of the Goldwyn House” – The Future Perfect, Los Angeles, CA

2019  “Casa Perfect New York” – The Future Perfect, New York, NY

2015  “Wonder Room” – The Future Perfect, New York, NY