Natalia Triantafylli

Natalia Triantafylli and Andrew Scott are London-based designers and investigative makers with a shared fascination for material culture and the history of objects. Natalia engages in a dialogue between physical and digital ways of making by creating hybrid objects that consist of handmade ceramics and their 3D-printed alter egos. Andrew creates furniture using sheets of mild steel, a material which at first seems rigid and cold, but upon manipulation begins to offer up its warm voice and fluid determination.
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Their collaborative collection combines ceramic elements with metal structures, continuing their interest in the innate character of particular materials and objects. Their interpretation of attention to detail is based around showing signs of the hand of the maker, allowing one to connect with the pieces more strongly. Objects normally mass-manufactured, like switches, hinges, and bolts, are instead bespoke. Welds, creases, and fingerprints remain within the work, there to be seen by the viewer as silent indicators of their unique nature.
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2023 “Alcova23” – Ex Machelo, Spazio C4, Milan

2023 “The Future Classics” – The Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam

2023 “Collectible Fair” – New Garde, Brussels

2022 “Out of Place” – Brompton Design District, London Design Festival

2022 “The Futurists” – Mint Gallery Shop, London Design Festival

2022 “FOKUS: Ornament” – Vienna Design Week

2022 “Material Fixations” – ALCOVA 22, Milan Design Week

2022 “Let Them Eat Fake” – Bad Art Presents, London

2021 “The Lost Graduation Show” – Rho Fiera, Milan Design Week

2021 “New Contracts” – Royal College of Art, London Design Week



2021 MA Design Products, Royal College of Art, London UK

2016 Beng, Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of Aegean, Hermoupolis, Greece



Burberry Design Foundation