Shore Studios

Shore Rugs was founded by Louie Rigano and Gil Muller, who met as students at the Royal College of Art in London. The young duo envisioned a new, innovative kind of rug company where technical innovation and beautifully crafted design need not be mutually exclusive.
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Function, rather than pure ornamentation, is the essence of Shore Rugs. Armed with a deep understanding of the needs of contemporary life and an honest fascination with the potential of synthetic technologies, Rigano and Muller set out to create a small range that combined striking visual appeal with unrivaled functions underpinned by scientific research. SHORE’s products are proven to reduce fatigue caused by foot traffic and standing for long periods of time.

With their unique deep weave structure, created entirely by hand and woven by skilled artisans in a London workshop, Shore Rugs provide cushioned support and a textured, dynamic surface. To step upon a Shore Rug is to experience a pleasant, massage-like sensation on account of the product’s pure (completely non-toxic) silicone. The same intersection of aesthetic appeal and durable performance means Shore Rugs work effortlessly within any imaginable space - residential, commercial and hospitality.

The growing design company, which has been lauded in the press and within the design and architecture industry, has also produced a number of notable bespoke projects. Among the company’s collaborators is Chamber Gallery, New York, Aram Gallery, London and two custom rugs for the RISD President’s House in Rhode Island. Recently, the studio released an intimate collaboration of four rugs produced exclusively for Casa Perfect, the Future Perfect’s Los Angeles location.

The rugs - which perfectly balance materiality with craftsmanship - were the perfect partners to create a capsule collection for The Future Perfect’ Los Angeles location. Bold and colorful, the four rugs, which bear suitably occidental names such as Sun Valley, Iris, Laurel Canyon, and Hermosa Sunset, reflect the Casa’s colorful Southern Californian exuberance with striped patterns and eye-catching gradients and ombrés.
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2019  “Casa Perfect New York” – The Future Perfect, New York, NY

2019  “The Chair” – The Future Perfect, New York, NY