Bower Studios Oct 2020 - Nov 2020

MELT - Bower Studios' New Collection of Furniture, Exclusive to The Future Perfect

Bower Studios’ new Melt Collection captures the story of a series of objects that have undergone a transformation. Table tops, chair seats, wall mirrors; softly slumped over their respective rigid frames, supporting them into their final, functional resting place. Although these slab-like elements are made from different materials, they seem to share the same “melting point.” The creamy upholstered seat cushions, the travertine table tops, the glass mirrors, all drooping down as if experiencing some force of nature, some oppressive heat or laziness perhaps that exists in a dimension of their own.

The Melt Collection is a continued exploration of Bower Studios’ interest in reality vs. perception. That there are rules of nature that we all inherently understand, and how these rules can be perceptively twisted and challenged by material and form. This collection includes the essential ingredients of a Bower design, elegance through simplicity with a dash of magic.

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